Staff Directory

Meet Our Staff

Making all of our school goals possible are our dedicated administrators, teachers, and support staff. If you need to contact any of our teachers or administrators, you can e-mail them by clicking on their names below. Or, you can call us at (480) 882.3510 or fax to (480) 888.8049. 


Laura Ridge Principal Ext. 3515 Send E-mail
Matt Clark Dean of Students Ext. 3519 Send E-mail
Ashley Gonzales Administrative Assistant Ext. 3515 Send E-mail
Angelique (Q) Flores Attendance Clerk Ext. 4102 Send E-mail
Angelina Bugarin Receptionist Ext. 4000 Send E-mail
Ashley Gonzalez Health Aide Ext. 3513 Send E-mail
Madison Raksinh Counselor Ext. 3516 Send E-mail
Leslie Wiberg Counselor Ext. 3518 Send E-mail
Laurene Shindledecker Social Worker Ext. 4133 Send E-mail
Brenda Zins Inclusion Specialist  Ext. 7512 / 4152 Send E-mail
Cheryl King School Psychologist Ext. 3512 Send E-mail 
Michelle DeLeon Library Assistant Ext. 4110 Send E-mail
Brady Thorpe Academic Coach Ext. 4135 Send E-mail
John Goodwin  Campus Security Ext. 4120 Send E-mail
Stacey Burk Krawiec Speech Therapist Ext. 4316 Send E-mail
Melinda Weigel Kitchen Manager Ext. 3514 Send E-mail


Chris Azanger Boys PE Ext. 4217 Send E-mail
Rena Baldenegro Girls PE / Photography / Yearbook Ext. 4206 or 4122 Send E-mail
Domynyque Bono 8th Grade ELA Ext. 419 Send E-mail
Jenna Brophy 8th Grade Math Resource Ext. 521 Send E-mail
Jennifer Caldwell ED Program Ext. 4323 Send E-mail
Jamie Calhoun 8th Grade Science Ext. 4514 Send E-mail
Victor Castruita Spanish Ext. 4417 Send E-mail
Brayden Cluff 7th Grade Science Ext. 4416 Send E-mail
John Contreras 7th Grade Social Studies Ext. 4524 Send E-mail
Daniel Edney 7th Grade Math Ext. 4516 Send E-mail
Aaron Erwin 7th Grade Science Ext. 4414 Send E-mail
Joolz Fernandez Art Ext. 4108 Send E-mail
Eva Flake Self-Contained Ext. 4106 Send E-mail
Lila Guzman FACS Ext. 4317 Send E-mail
Shawna Hjalmarson 8th Grade ELA Resource Ext. 4319 Send E-mail
Echo Itaaehau ELL Ext. 4322 Send E-mail
Benjamin Johnson Technology Classes Ext. 4121 Send E-mail
Susan Lebtich 8th Grade Math Ext. 4518 Send E-mail
Scott Lloyd Band / Chorus / Orchestra Ext. 4607 Send E-mail
Cassandra Newman 7th Grade ELA Ext. 4423 Send E-mail
Melissa Nugent 8th Grade Social Studies Ext. 4421 Send E-mail
Jessica Overall 8th Grade ELA  Ext. 4418 Send E-mail
Krystal Owen 7th Grade Math Ext. 4517 Send E-mail
Craig Palm Theater / TV & Film  Ext. 4318 Send E-mail
Joey Partee 7th Grade ELA  Ext. 4424 Send E-mail
Melanie Patterson 7th Grade ELA Resource Ext. 4321 Send E-mail
Mia Radtke 7th Grade Social Studies Ext. 4523 Send E-mail
Joseph Reid 8th Grade Science Ext. 4314 Send E-mail
Holly Sipes 8th Grade Math Ext. 4519 Send E-mail
Sharla Winjum 7th Grade Math Resource Ext. 4522 Send E-mail
Todd Wooton 8th Grade Social Studies Ext. 4422 Send E-mail

Custodial Support Staff

Dave Cameron Custodian - Day Lead
John Lohman Custodian - Night Lead