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Welcome to the Parents Corner, where parents can find school and curriculum information, all in one location.

To our parent we say -

Thank you for your support in helping your child reach his or her academic potential. Your encouragement and involvement will make all the difference in how your student perceives his or her middle school years. Together, working as a team, we can help your child learn, succeed, and achieve!

School Supplies

Student School Supplies 
Please ensure your student has the following supplies to be equipped for the school year!

Spiral notebooks,pencils, pencil pouch, ink pens (red, blue, and black), two-pocket folders, highlighters (different colors), and loose-leaf paper.

Some teachers may require specific supplies for certain classes. Teachers will communicate their supply needs with students during our “Meet the Teacher Night” or the first week of school. The school does not allow sharpies or permanent markers. Students must replace and replenish their school supplies as needed throughout the school year. 

Teacher Supply Wish List
Our teachers need classroom supplies too! Please look at our teacher supply wish list below. If you are able to assist with purchasing any of these supplies, it would be greatly appreciated! You can deliver donated items to the front office. Thank you.

Elmer’s glue, copy paper, pens (red, black, or blue ink), highlighters, hand sanitizer, pencils, colored pencils, crayons, Kleenex, Expo low odor dry erase markers, and loose leaf paper


The district participates in the National School Breakfast/Lunch program. All meals served meet guidelines established by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Free/Reduced Applications 
We need one application per household each year. We accept applications anytime during the year. Please allow ten school days for a response. We notify families in writing about the status of a request. Qualifying students receive one breakfast meal and one lunch meal daily. Applications will be available during “Bookstore Days” and at the “Meet the Teacher Night” event. They are also available on the district’s Food Services website.

Management of Lunch Accounts 
We notify students at least three (3) meals before they run out of money. Each time a student purchases a meal, the computer will alert them if they will need money. 
This is an on-line payment option. You need to call (480) 987-5312 for your student’s ID number to begin. Checking your child’s account balance and making payments on-line are great benefits. 

Student Prices:

Breakfast-student: $1.25

Lunch-student: $2.90

Milk: $.50

Bottled water: $.75

Reduced Lunch: $.40

Reduced Breakfast: $.30

Menus are available in the front office, from the cafeteria, or from the district’s Food Services website.

Returned Checks:

The school is required to charge a fee of $25.00 for each returned check. Please keep your student’s account in good standing so that the account is not negatively affected.

Teacher/Parent Communication Tools

Please remember that the middle school has created three important tools to enhance school communication with you – teacher websites, JupiterGrades, and student planners.

Each middle school teacher has a website, creating an opportunity for parents to be aware of what is happening in their child’s classes. To locate a particular site, go to the Staff Listing & Teacher Websites page located under Contact Us. Once there, scroll down to the section labeled Teachers and click on a teacher’s site. One of the features the page will allow you to see is your child’s upcoming assignments, quizzes, and tests.

JupiterGrades is an online program that you and your student can access anytime. The program allows access to the most current information for assignments, quiz/test scores, and attendance. If you have more than one student in our district, you can create a single account, allowing instant access to information for each child. Students have their own password and are encouraged to monitor their own progress.

All students were issued a student planner at the beginning of the school year. They use their planner for each class in order to write down daily assignments and keep track of upcoming projects, quizzes, and test dates. Visiting with your child about what is recorded in the planner provides a great communication tool to stay abreast of the activities that are happening in class each day.

If you have any questions about teacher websites or JupiterGrades, please feel free to contact Mrs. Ashley Gonzales, Administrative Assistant, by e-mail or by phone at (480) 882-3515.

Tax Credit

Don’t forget that we have an opportunity to dictate how our state taxes may be used to enhance our schools. Remember that the funds we dictate to our school are returned to us dollar-for-dollar in the form of a tax credit when we file our state tax return. As you know, the Arizona State Legislature has a tax law (ARS 43-1089.01) that allows up to $400 tax credit for married couples filing jointly or $200 for individuals, who make a donation to a public school. The law is set up so that any taxpayer may contribute to a public school, regardless of whether the taxpayer has a child attending the school. 

Please remember the three ways that you can make your contribution to our school. You may go online at our district website and click on the School Tax Credits link under Helpful Links, and either make your contribution online or print a copy of the receipt, fill it out, and mail it (along with your contribution) to the middle school. You may also come directly to the middle school and make your contribution. Whichever method you choose to contribute, we will be very grateful!

As we shared in last month’s article, one of the misconceptions of the tax credit opportunity is that people believe they have to make the full contribution in order to participate. Remember, that is not true; you may make any contribution you would choose to make. Our hope will be that we will all try to take advantage of our ability to determine how this part of our state taxes will be spent on our Cougar students!

Bus Transportation

Current middle school policy requires that students have their school ID with them at all times during the school day and at school-sponsored activities. In a continued effort to improve bus safety/security and verify the accuracy of students riding the bus on their designated routes, the district transportation department is instituting that students have their school student ID available to show their bus driver. If a student needs a replacement school ID, please contact Mrs. Ashley Gonzales at (480) 882-3515.